Journey Through the Underground

To Experience La Grande's Most Authentic Thai Restaurant

Don't know what meal to enjoy?

Orange Chicken

May 28

Cheesecake, figs, and pinot noir.

Panang Curry

May 28

Cheesecake, figs, and pinot noir.

Pad Thai

May 28

Cheesecake, figs, and pinot noir.

Here are some of our customer's favorites!

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Our Mission

What makes the food at Thai Fresh different?


While the ingredients are certainly important, it’s the preparation that sets our dishes apart.

Thai Fresh Gardens is one of the few Thai restaurants in America that emulates a provincial method of preparation, rather than a big city or “Bangkok” style of Thai Food mass-produced for tourists.


Attention to detail is very important to us, right down to the temperature of the food.


Our goal is that you can taste each individual flavor no matter the level of spice.

"Super impressed with how authentic the food was! Almost all the people working

here are straight from Thailand

and really know what

they are doing.

Best Thai food

I have had since

being in Thailand."

Brian Walker, Google Review